Safety Tips When Wearing A Mask in Vacaville, CA

Safety Tips When Wearing A Mask
in Vacaville

Countries from all over the world are requiring people to wear face masks when going out in public places as a way to protect themselves and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals over the age of 2 and medically capable of tolerating face-covering should cover their nose and mouth.

Even though the majority of the population complies with this order, it is important to do it right to ensure your safety. There has been some misusage on the wearing of face mask which could put the wearer's health at risk. To ensure that you are not risking anything, it is important to take the following precautions when wearing a face mask in Vacaville:

Safety Tips While Wearing A Mask In Vacaville

  • Check your face mask for any defects like a tear or a missing ear loop. Once defective, make sure to throw it away and replace it with a new one.
  • Wash your face mask daily using regular soap or detergent. This is to ensure that germs and viruses do not stick around after your next use.
  • Once your face mask is in place, use your thumb and index finger to pinch the top edge of the mask around your nose bridge. This will help secure your nose and mouth by not leaving any possible entry for the virus.
  • If your face mask contains any elastic material, you need to check it to see if it has not lost its elasticity. Make sure that it remains secure and fitted when you wear it.
  • Once your face mask starts showing signs of damage and is no longer capable of washing, discard it and use a new one. Wearing a damaged and dirty face mask can be risky.
  • After removing your face mask, avoid touching your face. You should wash right after because there is a possibility that your hands may have come in contact with the contaminants that may have attached to your mask.

What type of mask should you wear?

N95 respirators and surgical masks should be reserved for front liners or medical first responders, as it was recommended by CDC guidelines. For community settings, a cloth mask using household items is appropriate enough to be worn.

How should cloth masks be cleaned?

When you are using a cloth mask, it should be washed regularly. Use warm water and a detergent to thoroughly clean the fabric. Fully dry the mask using the hot cycle. The frequency of cleaning should depend on how often you are wearing your mask but if possible, clean it after every use.

What is the best advice that people should follow?

The best way to remain healthy and safe is to stay at home whenever possible. You can make use of pickup or delivery services for your purchase to limit your exposure to the outside world. Whenever your outside, always observe proper social distancing while wearing a mask to keep yourself safe from anyone who might be infected with the virus.

The most important advice is to always wash your hands or use sanitizers from time-to-time. That way, you will not risk touching your nose or mouth while the virus is in your hands.

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