The Link Between Cancer and Poor Diet

The Link Between Cancer and Poor Diet

The Link Between Cancer and Poor Diet in Vacaville

People who are involved in the "alternative healthcare" industry would always say that your diet has an influence on your health, but new studies have popped-up which finally linked the connection between the two through mainstream science.

Cancer and Poor Diet

In a study published by the JNCI Cancer Spectrum, an estimated number of 80,110 new cancer cases among adults aging 20 and up in the United States back in 2015 were caused by eating a poor diet.

These numbers are equal to about 5.2% of all newly diagnosed invasive cancer cases among American adults that year, which is the same with the cancer burden that is linked to alcohol.

Two separate studies have been conducted to correlate the final numbers, which includes the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and the information regarding national cancer incidence in 2015 that's been provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The factors correlate mostly on the significant cancer burden in the US, according to their findings, which includes the following:

  • Low dairy intake
  • High red-meat intake
  • Low whole-grain consumption
  • Little fruit and vegetable intake
  • High processed-meat intake
  • High intake of sugar-enhanced beverages

These estimates were based on cancer and poor diet associations that have been discovered in separate studies. The studies rely mostly on observation rather than the cause. One problem in these studies is that the quality of products is not being considered. So, a grass-fed, pasture-raised burger is somewhat a similar "read meat" to that of the patty from McDonald's. Not all grass-fed beefs are similar. A grass-fed beef from the farm has a different nutritional profile from those made from factories that are mixed with fillers.

The Culprit: Processed Foods

The link between cancer and poor diet is now being taken into account and is being studied more directly by Dr. Zhang. He stated that a diet is one of the risk factors for cancer prevention. There's no doubt about this claim since diet is a key factor that we have a total control of. Your diet is one way of regaining your power and reclaiming your health. These findings highlight the fact that you can reduce the burden and disparities by making changes on the key food groups and nutrients that you take.

Highly processed food products are taking over diets as part of the developing world. In a 2016 study, it shows that 60% of the American diet consists mostly of highly processed foods. As for the 2017 study, it was found out that 50% of the Canadian diet is also comprised of highly processed foods, and the same goes with the UK diet. Now that cancer and other diseases continue to rise, it's time to address this problem as an urgent matter.

The Solution: Go Organic

People who are eating organic foods have lowered their risks of developing cancer, based on the study by the medical journal JAMA internal medicine. There's no surprise about these findings since organic foods are less likely to be contaminated by cancer-causing herbicides and pesticides such as glyphosate. The chemicals contained in our ground and tap water can also affect the production of our crops. So, this means that going for organic products can help minimize your exposure to these harmful elements.

The Solution: Heal Your Gut and Support Detoxification for Your Body

Cancer and poor diet are partners in crime, so how come we continue to make these poor choices? We mostly satisfy our cravings by indulging on processed foods. However, our state of health also plays a key role in what our body desires for energy. If we have a hormonal imbalance and our gut consists of sugar-craving microbes, then we will mostly opt for simple sugars and caffeine to boost us up in our daily lives.

Once we eliminate grains, sugars, and processed foods, our diet and health will change dramatically. This will make us crave for foods that our body really needs to thrive.

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