Chiropractor Explains Habits That Can Cause Kidney Failure in Vacaville

Vacaville Chiropractor Explains Habits That Can Cause Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is usually caused by a variety of health problems that may have done some permanent harm to your kidneys little by little over time.

A damaged kidney won't normally work like it used to. Once the damage worsens, your kidneys are less likely to do its job properly and could be diagnosed as a chronic kidney disease. Kidney failure is the last stage that you will experience if you have chronic kidney disease. This is the reason why kidney failure is labeled as end-stage renal disease (ERSD).

Diabetes is the leading cause of ESRD while high blood pressure comes in second. Other factors that can cause kidney failure in your system are:

  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Genetic diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Urinary tract problems

There are instances when the kidney will just stop functioning completely. This type of kidney failure is known as acute kidney injury or acute renal failure. Some of the other causes for it are:

  • Heart attack
  • Urinary tract problems
  • Illegal drug use and abuse
  • Limited blood flow to the kidneys

In general, kidney failure is something that shouldn't be taken lightly and that proper care for the said organ should be taken seriously. If you want to act on it, these are some of the common habits that you should be aware of that are putting your kidneys at risk.

  1. Eating process foods - Processed foods contain high amounts of sodium and phosphorus. If you're already suffering from kidney disease, you should start by limiting phosphorus in your diet. Even if you don't have a kidney disease yet, consuming phosphorus from processed foods can already harm your bones and kidneys. So just avoid phosphorus altogether and your kidneys will become a happy place.
  2. Overuse of painkillers - There are over the counter (OTC) pain medicines that you can buy to relieve your pains and aches but the thing about them is that they can hurt your kidneys. This won't go well if you already have a preexisting kidney disease. If possible, reduce your usage of such drugs and don't go beyond the recommended dosage.
  3. Lack of sleep - Having a good amount of sleep every night is essential for your overall health and even the kidneys. Your kidney function is being regulated by the sleep-wake cycle which plans out the workload of the kidneys over 24 hours. If you get less sleep every night, then the cycle will be disrupted.
  4. Not drinking enough water - Drinking water regularly helps the kidneys get rid of toxins and sodium from the body. It is also important in preventing the painful kidney stones from happening. For those who are suffering from kidney problems or kidney failure, fluid intake should be limited but if not, you should always aim for 1.5 to 2 liters of water each day.
  5. Excessive alcohol drinking - If you're a heavy drinker who drinks more than 4 times a day, then you're doubling your risk of getting a chronic kidney disease. Heavy drinkers who are also heavy smokers are likely to be a victim of several other kidney problems. This means that you are increasing your chances of getting multiple kidney problems which could be no good for the organ.
  6. Heavy smoking - Lighting up a cigarette is no good for the lungs and heart. The kidneys don't respond well to it either which makes it a very dangerous habit. This could put some protein into your urine which could signify that you have kidney damage.
  7. Eating too much salt - Diets that have a high salt content means that they are high in sodium. This could cause you to have a high blood pressure which could harm your kidneys in the process. It would be wise to just use herbs and spices on your food over salt. Develop this habit and you won't have a hard time getting rid of salt completely from your diet.
  8. Eating too much meat - If you love to eat animal protein, then it could put high amounts of acid in your blood which could harm the kidneys and cause acidosis. Protein is an important nutrient that is responsible for growth, repair, and upkeep of the different parts of the body but it's better to make it balanced by adding some fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  9. Eating too much sugary foods - Sugar is one of the reasons for obesity while also increasing your risk for diabetes and high blood pressure which are leading causes of a kidney disease. Apart from desserts, sugar is also present on other foods and beverages that you consume. Condiments, white bread, and breakfast cereals are some of the sneaky sources of sugar so it's best to limit or avoid eating those kinds of foods. Make sure to always check the label for any signs of sugar so that you'll be aware of how much of it is in your diet.
  10. Sitting still - Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to kidney disease. Researchers are not quite sure how this is relevant, but it seems that being sedentary can have some impact on the health of your kidneys. Having greater physical activity has been linked to improved blood pressure and glucose metabolism which are key factors to having a good kidney health.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article by your Vacaville Chiroprator especially on putting your kidney's health in check. Just follow what is mentioned here and you will surely be putting your kidneys away from harm.

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