What Are The Common Causes Of Hip Pain?

What Are The Common Causes Of Hip Pain?

Hip pain can happen to anyone and it doesn't matter what age you're currently at.

Our hips are meant to withstand repeated motion as well as the usual wear and tear. It contains a ball and socket joint that fits perfectly which then allows your hips to move in a fluid-like manner.

As we use our hips, a cushion of cartilage prevents friction from occurring as the hip bone moves in its socket.

Even though the hip point is durable, just note that it's not indestructible. As you age and with constant use, the cartilage can wear down or even get damaged. There may even be times where the tendons and muscles in the hip can become overused. When you fall or get injured, your hip bones can become broken. Depending on what the condition is, it all can lead to hip pain.

There are many causes of hip pain in Vacaville and it's sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why it's happening. But you can receive the proper diagnosis by analyzing the type of pain and where it's located.

So if you want to get acquainted on what may be causing your hip pain, Vacaville Family Chiropractic explains some suspicions that you should consider:

Symptoms That May Lead to Hip Pain in Vacaville CA

  1. Bursitis - If you feel the pain outside of your buttocks, hip, and/or thigh, there's a possibility that it could be bursitis. This means that there's an inflammation on the pillow-like fluid sacs that helps prevent your muscles and tendons from rubbing directly against the bone. Walking for long distances or climbing up the stairs can make it worse. Even lying on one side when you sleep can worsen the pain. This usually happens to the elderly especially for those who are already beyond 60 years old.

  2. Core muscle injury - If you're experiencing pain in the groin area, it could be caused by a core muscle injury. This one is very common to those who are more active in sports or other physical activities that involves a lot of twisting and turning especially if they aren't athletically conditioned.

  3. Tendonitis - If you're physically active yet your hip flexor or groin becomes tender to the touch or when moved, you may have the case of tendonitis. Straining or over-using the tendons will create repeated injuries thus causing muscular imbalances in the hip. Individuals who are doing certain activities over and over are at risk for this kind of severe pain.

  4. Hip impingement - Younger individuals who are doing high-intensity athletics or other intense activities will make their hip bones fuse in an abnormal shape and limit their movement could be at risk for this condition. It could cause a lot of pain and may even lead to premature osteoarthritis.

  5. Osteoarthritis - If you're having some daily, dull pain in your hip then this could be your problem. Osteoarthritis causes your joints to become stiff and swollen as a result of inflammation and cartilage breakdown. Pain and deformity are the reasons why this happens. According to recent studies, osteoarthritis is a result of the hips not forming perfectly which makes them not fit neatly. This is the reason why they rub against each other too often. If you're highly active in physical activities, you are likely to get osteoarthritis. The pain can sometimes become disabling if you add aging, obesity, or a traumatic injury to your condition.

  6. Pelvic floor issues - There are times that the pain in your hip comes somewhere around your pelvis. The pelvis has many systems and everything in there is jammed too close to each other. This may sometimes create some confusion as to where the pain might be coming from. If your pain is isolated to your groin and it happens to coincide with your period or ovulation, you could say that it's caused by endometriosis or fibroids instead of the problem being on the hips. Some gastrointestinal and urological issues may even be the one that's causing the pain which can sometimes be mistaken for a hip injury.

  7. Labral tears - The labrum is the ring of cartilage that can be found around your hip socket and is responsible for keeping the ball of the thighbone in place. When it experiences some tears, there will be pain on your hip or groin which could limit its movements thus creating a sensation like your hip is catching, clicking, or locking. This happens mostly to people with anatomic abnormalities that's making the hips too shallow or having impingement. It is also common for those who have experienced trauma on their hips.


You can go visit a chiropractor in Vacaville for your hip pain and you will be put under chiropractic treatment to relieve such pain. They know their way around any types of pain so your hip problem will be perfect for this one.

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