Top 3 Supplements To Naturally Boost Stem Cell Production

Top 3 Supplements To Naturally Boost Stem Cell Production

Red and White Blood Cells

Stem cells are special cells in the body that are capable of developing into different cell types such as brain cells, muscle cells, among many others. In addition to that, they also have the ability to repair damaged tissues. Researchers believe in the concept that stem cell therapies can be used to treat devastating conditions like paralysis and Alzheimer's disease.

Types of stem cells

Stem cells are divided into 2 main types: adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells come from unused embryos which results from the vitro fertilization procedure and are donated to scientific research. They are also pluripotent which means that they can transform into more than one type of cell.

There are 2 types of adult stem cells. The first one comes from fully developed tissues like the skin, brain, and bone marrow. There are only a few numbers of stem cells in these tissues, and they have the ability to generate into certain types of cells. So, if the stem cell is derived from the liver, they can only form more liver cells.

The second one is induced pluripotent stem cells. This type of adult stem cells is being manipulated in a laboratory to take on the pluripotent characteristics of the embryonic stem cells. It was in 2006 when scientists first reported that these stem cells can be programmed this way. Even though that induced pluripotent stem cells don't seem to be clinically different from embryonic stem cells, scientists weren't able to find one that can transform into every kind cell and tissue.

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What are the 3 supplements that can help boost stem cell production?

There are some people who have no idea which supplements to take to improve their health especially stem cells.

You can find many information on the internet, but you can easily get confused with some of them.

So, if you plan on making your stem cells healthy and make your body boost its production, then these are the top 3 supplements that you need to consider:

  • Spirulina
  • Quercetin
  • Astragalus Root

Here is some more information to help you get a better understanding on how these supplements perform in stem cell production.

Spirulina - 

This one grows in both salt and fresh water wherein it's sometimes referred to as blue-green algae. Just like plants, spirulina can produce energy with the help of sunlight via the process we know as photosynthesis.

The standard daily dose for spirulina should be around 1 to 3 grams but an increase dosage of 10 grams daily have been used effectively.

Here are the benefits of spirulina:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Protein-rich
  • It can help in the production of new stem cells
  • It contains anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-aging effects
  • A great source of protein and vitamins for vegetarians. This perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their protein dosage through animal meat.

Food sources for spirulina:

  • Capsules
  • Powders

The recommended dosage for spirulina:

  • You can use it as directed
  • No universally accepted dosage
  • The dose from a powder supplement may require ½ teaspoon to 1 tablespoon
  • Supplement capsules can range between 300mg to 1,000mg per serving


  • Triggers new stem cells production
  • It contains anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-aging properties
  • It can protect your stem cells from harmful toxins in the body

If you can only purchase 3 supplements, it's ideal to take these 3 to help maximize your stem cell growth so that you can see results showing up soon.


This can be found in many fruits, vegetables, grains, and leaves. Kale and red onions are examples of foods that contains an appreciable amount of quercetin among many others. It comes with a bitter flavor and is commonly used as an ingredient in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

Here are the benefits of quercetin:

  • Antioxidant
  • It supports mitochondria
  • It can prevent the death of cells
  • It can protect your body by reducing your stress levels
  • It can serve as a natural antihistamine and can get rid of allergy symptoms
  • It is a safe alternative to painkillers since it can treat arthritis and joint pain
  • Research suggests that it can support stem cell growth and differentiation

Food sources for quercetin:

  • Apples
  • Peppers
  • Leafy greens
  • Olive oil
  • Red wine
  • Cruciferous vegetables

The recommended dosage for quercetin:

  • Currently, there are no ideal amounts set by the scientific community. You can ask your doctor regarding this one to find out how much is needed based on your health's current status.
  • Majority of supplements require 500mg and it has to be taken twice daily. But with quercetin, you can already experience the benefits even if you take something lesser than that considering that it's known to be diet rich.

Astragalus Membraneceus (Root)

Astragalus is classified as an herb and its roots are used to make medicine.

This is taken orally for diabetes, heart failure, seasonal allergies, and many other conditions. It can also help regulate and strengthen the immune system.

Some people take astragalus as a general tonic which can help protect the liver and fight off bacteria and viruses. It can even prevent and reduce the side effects that are commonly associated with cancer treatment.

You can even apply astragalus to your skin to increase blood flow into that area and hasten the wound healing process. It can also be injected to help alleviate the side effects associated with diabetes, lupus, heart failure, cancer treatment, and many other conditions.

Here are the benefits of astragalus membraneceus:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune booster
  • It can help heal the lung tissue
  • It can prevent collagen degradation
  • It can slow down the growth of tumors
  • It can protect the cardiovascular system
  • It can prevent and regulate diabetes
  • It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • It can help treat tumors when it is combined with chemotherapy
  • It can protect healthy stem cells by improve apoptosis
  • It contains more than 63 differently flavonoids

The astragalus membraneceus comes in many forms including:

  • Capsules and tablets
  • Liquid alcohol extract
  • Dried and used in tea
  • Topically for the skin

The recommended dosage for astragalus membraneceus:

  • Supplements normally contains 500mg and the most common recommended daily dosage is between 2 to 3 capsules or tablets. Take only as directed.

Anything else to know about astragalus membraneceus:

  • Consuming it in high amounts can inhibit the immune system.

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