Why Babies Need Chiropractic Treatment in Vacaville

If your little one is suffering from colicky symptoms or having some problems sleeping at night, you might be thinking if a Vacaville chiropractor is needed for the job. The answer is yes but apart from that, there are loads of chiropractic benefits for your baby.

Whether it may be colic, sleep issues, or tummy issues, many parents have found out that their baby has experienced relief after a visit to the chiropractor. This treatment is safe even for newborns who are only weeks old after birth and it can benefit babies born via natural birth or C-section.

What does a chiropractor actually do?

A chiropractor is a professional that works with the body by performing gentle manipulations that can restore normal nervous system function so that the body can have its healing capabilities back to normal.

There are instances that little ones get to become irritable or fussy from certain factors which includes acid reflux, ear infections, impaired sucking, immature digestive system, slow digestive system, or slight tension in the spine. Even though chiropractors can resolve or improve any of these issues, they aren't yet qualified to cure specific diseases. They may require some participation from the nurse, pediatrician or other healthcare provider to get rid of any possible causes to their unhappiness or pain.

The benefit of chiropractic treatment for babies

If you are still skeptical about taking your little one to a chiropractor, then you shouldn't anymore because this article will discuss the benefits it can provide for them. As a parent, you will be happy and satisfied that a chiropractor was able to handle any issues that your baby may have.

  • Soothe colic symptoms - Colic can be caused by many things and the pediatrician can easily diagnose your child if they are suffering from one. In most cases, colic is linked to an immature or underactive gastrointestinal system that can lead to indigestion and gas build up. If a child's digestive system is immature, indigestion can happen which can immediately lead to a buildup of gas. This allows the gas to remain trapped in the gut which could cause bloating and pain. Your baby's first instinct is to pull up his knees and strain to move the gas but that can only have little success.
  • Boost recovery after birth - By performing gentle manipulations to your baby's body, he will be relieved from any form of tension and strain while also correcting any nerve problems that may have been caused by a natural birth or a C-section. The birthing process can be traumatic for both the baby and the mother which can easily affect the nerves in their body. A chiropractor has been well-trained to realign the spine and fix the nerves that may be causing some disfunction. If these remains untreated, it can lead to reflux, colic symptoms, or breathing and sleeping difficulties to your little one.
  • Reduce general fussiness - Both parents or doctors may not have the exact answer on what's causing the fussiness or irritability of your little ones. If ever sickness is not the cause for it, a chiropractic session can be of great help. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to reduce fussiness which may be caused by mechanical restrictions on the baby's spine. If these restrictions remain untreated, it could cause headaches, crying, sleeping difficulties, muscle spasms, and increased nervous irritability. Just after a few sessions at the chiropractor, parents have witnessed a remarkable difference on their baby's behavior.
  • Enhance the immune system - Apart from proper rest and nutrition, the immune system is dependent on the health of the spine. The nervous system runs through the spine and if there's a misalignment on that area, the nerve pathways can become irritated. It will then affect the other systems of the body. The immune system consists of lymph nodes which are all connected to the brain via the nerves that runs through the spine. So just after a few chiropractic adjustments, the body gets better at producing disease-fighting cells to the areas of the body that are currently in need of it.
  • Assist in treating ear infections - The eustachian tubes is responsible for draining excess fluids in the middle ear but certain allergies, colds, or recurrent sinus infections can cause it to be blocked. A chiropractor will have to perform gentle manipulations on the vertebrae in the upper neck area to dilate the eustachian tube. However, you should also take your baby for a medical check-up as well since there are cases that ear infections need to be treated with antibiotics.
  • Supports their physical development - Babies are born with spinal curves and during their first year, the spine's length is double while the secondary curves are forming. This change can sometimes be too much for a tiny body in a short amount of time. Once your baby is capable of lifting his head, the neck curvature will start to form. By the time he learns to sit on his own, the lower back curvature starts to form. If there is no proper alignment during this important transition, there's a possibility that the curvature of your child may not develop properly. It can have some effects on your child's physical development and may even slow down the rate for their reaching of milestones in life.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about the importance of chiropractic sessions during your child's early life. Take your child to a chiropractor and you will see great development just after a few sessions.

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