Reasons Why Kids Should Drink Water in Vacaville

Reasons Why Kids Should Drink Water in Vacaville

The children of this generation are more preoccupied in obtaining the WiFi password instead of reminding themselves to drink plenty of water. In addition to that, they are surrounded by a great deal of distractions from technologies to video games which makes them more careless about their health.

Parents play an important role of ensuring that their kids get enough daily water intake. But what happens if the parents aren't there to do that role? Are the kids drinking enough water while at their school or at home? These are some of the situations where the parents aren't always in control and the reason why kids aren't hydrating regularly like they should be.

Why should kids drink water?

Water is essential for the overall health of an individual. Our bodies are made up mostly of water and we depend on water for it to function properly. As for kids, they have more water percentage in the body compared to adults. Hence, this is the reason why they should drink more water than the average amount needed.

Water is important for the body to remain hydrated and function properly throughout the day. It can help protect your skin, organs, and your entire body in general. Water is flushed out of the system through sweating, urinating, breathing, talking, eating, and even some minor physical tasks that you do each day. These factors make the body use up 30-40% of water which is why it needs to be replaced right away.

Kids are more hyperactive than adults. They are usually engaged in playful activities that requires movement of the muscles which makes them sweat heavily. Furthermore, they engage in a lot of talking by explaining their imagination and fictional fantasies. Through these habits, their body uses up a lot of water thus making them require more water than the normal amount.

The young ones don't mind their health totally and may not have the slightest idea of how to take care of it properly. If they're left being carefree and allowed to eat and drink anything that they want, then it won't do well for the status of their health. If they are unguided and given the chance, they are likely to consider unhealthy consumables over the healthy ones because of the flavors and additives which makes them addictive especially to the taste buds of the young ones. Apart from that, children are curious, and they are likely to explore anything they find. They would always go for things that challenge their thinking and tickle their creativity.

The importance of letting kids drink water regularly

An average human body is made up of 60% water. Kids have more water percentage in the body compared to adults. Hence, this is the reason why drinking of water is more important for the little ones.

Parents would sometimes have a hard time negotiating the importance of water to their children especially on its importance to their bodies. Kids would sometimes even question why they're being offered water in the first place.

Our bodies consist of different amounts of water depending on some circumstances but in general, it provides the same benefit for every person.

  1. Water gets rid of toxins and wastes from the body. This is achieved by urinating and regular bowel movements.
  2. Water can help regulate the body's temperature. In short, it will control the hotness and coldness of the body depending on the weather or climate conditions.
  3. Water acts as a lubricant to ensure smooth movements of the muscles and joints.
  4. Water allows the nutrients to successfully enter and be spread out to the rest of our body.
  5. Water protects and rejuvenates the skin which prevents it from being prone to skin problems or diseases.
  6. In general, water allows our body to act and function normally. It maintains our healthy state so that we can cope with the daily tasks and activities that our bodies are being subjected to.

When our bodies lose even as little as 5% of its water content, it can pose some minor risks to our health. It can cause a person to experience confusion, headaches, irritability, dry mouth, tiredness, and prevents regular heart rates.

If kids remain dehydrated for long periods of time, their ability to think and comprehend will be greatly affected. Once this continues to go on during their youth, it could lead to an inability to learn and a poor performance in school. They won't be able to challenge their mental capacities and cognitive capabilities.

So if you have children at home, at least you now know the importance of retaining proper hydration in their body. Even if they aren't used to it, make sure that you orient them about it so that any future problems on their health will be totally avoided.

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