How To Prevent & Correct Foot Pain in Vacaville

How To Prevent & Correct Foot Pain in Vacaville

Do you suffer from foot pain in Vacaville?  Chiropractor Alex Tam of Absolute Family Chiropractic provides you tips on how to prevent foot pain.

In the course of your entire lifetime, you are likely to walk more than 100,000 miles. This equals to walking around the earth's equator for four times! Despite the fact that your feet play an important role in your daily life, they are easily neglected up to the point when they start to hurt.

There will be times that the pain in your feet can be so bothersome that walking can become an issue. If you don't want to carry that suffering in your daily life, there are steps that you can do to prevent foot pain in the first place. These precautionary measures are something that you can be thankful for since you won't encounter such pain at any point in your life.

So check out these preventive measures that can help prevent foot pain from happening in the first place.

Preventing Foot Pain in Vacaville CA

  1. Increase your flexibility - As you get older, your calf muscles will start becoming tighter thus putting more stress on the balls of your feet. But if you stretch regularly, foot pain won't be so much of an issue for you. It is recommended that you stretch at least 3 times a day by doing these easy steps:
    1. Stand with your toes on the steps and heels of the edge.
    2. Slowly lower down your heels and hold it in that position for 10 seconds then bring it back up to the starting position.
    3. Do this for 5 to 10 times. Don't push it farther down than it can to prevent injury. If you find it hard to do both feet at once, you can also do one foot at a time.

  2. Maintain a healthy weight - Since your feet is located at the base of your body, it must bear all of your weight every day. This means that if there's more weight, it will have to work harder as well. If ever you're overweight or obese, try whatever you can to lower down your weight. You don't have to burden all the extra weight for you to feel an impact on your feet and ankles. Even a difference of 20 pounds can be enough to change the way how your foot works, increase its force, and trigger pain. If your foot pain becomes an obstacle on your weight loss efforts, just do low-impact exercises like swimming instead. That way, your feet won't burden you and you can continue on with your weight loss journey.

  3. Remain hydrated - When you least expect it, foot cramps can happen, and it can sometimes be very painful. Vacaville chiropractor Alex Tam explains that there are several factors that can cause cramps wherein dehydration and dietary imbalance are some of them. With that in mind, it's important to always drink plenty of fluids especially when you're exercising. Also, cramping can be caused by potassium deficiency so eat foods such as bananas or spinach to supplement your body with the said nutrient.

  4. Try to sit down when you're on a break - Sitting down for the entire day is bad for your health and the same goes for standing all day. This is the reason why alternating between the two is the best way to go. If your job requires you to be on your feet for majority of the day, then do them a favor by giving it a rest during breaktime. If possible, avoid unnecessary errands, and eat your meals while seated instead.

  5. Wear shoes that fit - Do you remember when was the last time you measured your feet? If the last one was 2 years ago, there's a possibility that you're wearing the wrong shoe size right now. Some people don't update their feet's measurement which results in them wearing the same shoe size for several years already. You should understand that as you grow old, your shoe size also changes and wearing something tight could lead to bunions, corns, calluses, heel pain, deformed toes, ingrown toenails, and several other painful problems. If you plan on buying a new one, ask for help from the sales representative so that they can find out which size fits you best. Also, the best rule of thumb when buying new shoes is to always choose something that can provide your feet about half an inch of wiggle room. This will ensure that your feet won't feel cramped when you're wearing your shoes all day.

  6. Get rid of your high-heel habit - Wearing heels can have an impact on your outfit but they can also cause some chaos on your feet. It usually takes about 1hr and 6mins before the pain caused by high heels can kick in. Pointy-toed heels are also not good since it can lead to a variety of ailments including bunions, blisters, and ingrown toenails. It would be wise to not let your feet suffer from wearing high heals for most of the time.

  7. Avoid cutting corners when trimming your toenails - Another cause of foot pain is ingrown toenails wherein the edge of your nail grows into the skin surrounding the toe. You can prevent this by cutting your toenails straight across using clean, sharp nail scissors. Avoid rounding the corners just so you could match it with the shape of your toe.

Foot pain may seem like a small problem but it sure can be bothersome. Hopefully, you will follow the tips mentioned in this article so that you can avoid it at all cost.

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