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Pregnancy is a time full of wonder with the magic of hearing and feeling the baby’s heartbeat to feeling its movements and kicks. But it can also be a time of great discomfort as tremendous physical changes are occurring within the body such as shifting of the center of gravity as the belly grows, with increasing laxity and instability of the joints, especially that of the spine and pelvis. This will lead to postural adaptations and changes in the pelvis, which all can lead to misalignment throughout the body. This is where chiropractic care can benefit the pregnant mother.

For many, chiropractic care during pregnancy is an important part of preparing for the birth especially if the goal is a natural, low intervention, uncomplicated birth. Dystocia, also known as obstructed/difficult labor, is a growing problem, often leading to further interventions and complications, many times cumulating in a C section. Today, the rate of C sections is around 30%, meaning approximately 1 of 3 women is undergoing the serious surgical procedure, and although they are warranted in certain instances, it is a significant increase in the last few decades and often can be avoided. Thirty percent of C sections are due to dystocia or failure of labor to progress. Getting routine chiropractic checkups during pregnancy can possible help prevent dystocia and can have several potential benefits including an easier, healthier pregnancy, a decreased chance of prolonged labor and delivery, decrease back and joint pain, and an increased chance of a natural birth.

So how does seeing a chiropractor potentially help prevent dystocia (difficult labor?)

The physical changes in a woman’s body can lead to misalignments of the joints and spine, especially the pelvis. When the pelvis is balanced, the uterus is supported symmetrically and the baby it contains is free to grow, move, and develop. When the pelvis is out of alignment, the uterine ligaments, which attaches to the lower part of the spine (sacrum) that is attach to the pelvic bones, can become tense and twisted. This creates an uneven pulling and twisting of the uterus which can lead to intrauterine constraint. This affects the development of the growing baby, especially its spine, as well as impeding optimal fetal positioning for delivery. This stress on the uterus may also prevent optimal, coordinated uterine contractions to expel the baby when the time comes.

When the baby is not allowed to grow and move around freely, the chances of optimal fetal positioning for delivery decreases, often resulting in babies who are breech or transverse, which, in turn, also decreases the chance of a natural, non-invasive birth. Even if the baby is head down, the capacity of the pelvis to expand to allow smooth passage can be diminished if it is misaligned. Chiropractic can helped realign the pelvis so there is less stress on the uterus and as a result, the baby.

At our office, we love taking care of all our patients, including all of our pregnant mommies, babies, and children. As the only Webster technique certified chiropractor in Solano County, I meet many of my pregnant patients when they are specifically looking for someone that practices this technique. The Webster's technique was developed in 1978 as a specific adjustment to align the pelvis of pregnant women to potentially assist with optimal positioning for birth. It establishes balance in the pelvis, which can decreases stress to the pelvis by balancing the muscles and ligaments, allowing unconstrained development and movement of the fetus. A study in 2002 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed that 82% of babies in a non-optimal position turned into optimal delivery position after undergoing Webster’s technique chiropractic.

Testimonies from my pregnant patients (at least 2nd time moms) who went on to have their babies reported the difference during their pregnancy, their labor, and delivery while on chiropractic care compared to no chiropractic care. They reported an easier time with the entire pregnancy and labor with little to no complications, many times with a labor and delivery much easier, quicker, and smoother than without chiropractic care. These moms (and dads, as they also see the benefit!) often comment on the amazing difference, so much so that they often start their new babies on gentle chiropractic care. There is no greater blessing in our office that seeing our happy, healthy families thrive!

Alex Tam, D.C., specializes in Prenatal and Pediatrics Chiropractic care at Absolute Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Vacaville, CA. Dr. Tam is certified in the Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, I.C.P.A. He also participates in the I.C.P.A certification program for ongoing research and development of the most advanced techniques in chiropractic today. For more information about Dr. Tam, visit https://www.absolutefamilychiropractic.com

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