How To Maintain Your Weight During The Holidays in Vacaville

How To Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays in Vacaville

The holidays can be the most exciting time of the year because of the festivities here and there. It's a guarantee that you will be indulging lots of foods and beverages that you sometimes forget the importance of your weight. You are sure to gain some weight during this most festive season of the year.

Adults would gain an average of one pound between mid-November and mid-January. The number may be a small one, but some people would have a hard time losing it especially if they're not that into fitness. This is the reason why the holidays are the biggest contributor to a person's weight gain every year.

However, it's good to know that there are ways that you can do to avoid gaining the few extra pounds. If you don't plan on adding a number to your current weight, top Vacaville Chiropractor Alex Tam of Absolute Family Chiropractic provides these tips that you should follow.

Helpful Tips to Maintain Weight in Vacaville

  1. Be smart when snacking - With the abundance of food during the holidays, there are bound to be some unhealthy ones such as cookies and most of us don't even care about the amount that we have eaten. If you're at home, you can avoid over snacking on these goodies by simply putting them out of plain sight. But if you're on other locations such as your workplace, then it can be difficult to avoid since you don't have total control on these scenarios. The best thing that you can do for this matter is to be mindful of your eating habits. If you want to have something fulfilling, always go for healthy ones such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Just make sure to avoid those that contain sugars or unhealthy fats as they can lead to weight gain.

  2. Get lots of sleep - Being deprived of sleep is very common during the holiday season and that could even cause you to gain some weight. The reason is that lack of sleep can make you really hungry which could lead to more on eating and less on exercising. It's the hunger hormone levels that are affected by this one which is why you opt for a higher calorie intake.

  3. Be active with family and friends - Most families enjoy spending their holidays lying on the couch or be on their gadgets all day long. These sedentary activities can contribute to weight gain especially when it's being accompanied by excessive eating. But if you turn it around and do some physical activities with your family or friends, then it can be beneficial for weight control. Even the simplest activities such as walking will help take your mind off food and have some quality time with your loved ones. Whatever you do, make sure to do something that will keep your body active.

  4. Watch your portion sizes - You can easily lose track of your portions when you're binge eating during the holidays and it contribute a lot to your weight. It's important to always be mindful of how much you put on your plate or better yet, use smaller plates to have some control over it. There are recommended sizes displayed on the labels of recipes so perhaps it's time for you to take a look at it to prevent oversizing your portions.

  5. Eat some fiber - Fiber is a nutrient that is known to induce fullness. If you've been taking some fiber on a regular basis, you can reduce your calorie intake which can greatly help if you're trying to avoid weight gain. It's worth noting that most holiday foods don't contain fiber so make sure to acquire it from other sources such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. This will ensure that the nutrient is present in your system.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some insights on how weight control is important during the holidays. Through these methods, those extra pounds won't be much of a problem and you won't feel the regret afterwards.

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