Signs and Symptoms of Knee Arthritis in Vacaville

Your knees are prone to experiencing 3 different types of arthritis. Of all these types, the most common one is osteoarthritis (OA) wherein it is a progressive condition that slowly degrades your joint cartilage. This commonly happens to individuals who belong in the middle age group.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory condition that can happen to any age group.

Post-traumatic arthritis is the one that happens after an injury to the knee has occurred. It can even happen years after you've experienced a knee fracture, torn meniscus, or ligament injury.

There's a chance that you will get to experience these types of arthritis all at the same time. If you think you have any or all of these types, it's time to see a doctor or chiropractor to discuss an effective treatment that will handle the arthritis that you have.

So for you to validate if you indeed have knee arthritis in Vacaville, you should keep an eye out on these following signs and symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Knee Arthritis in Vacaville CA

  1. Bucking and locking - The muscles in your knees will weaken over time which will make the entire joint structure to become unstable. This weakness will cause the knee to give way or buckle. Your joints will become stick or locked up thus making it nearly impossible to bend or straighten it out. These symptoms may come and go but it's a clear sign that you're suffering from knee arthritis right now.

  2. Cracking or popping sound - You feel a grinding sensation whenever you move your knees. In fact, your knees may make a cracking or popping sound from time-to-time. If this happens, it means that some of the smooth cartilage that allows a smooth range of motion have been lost. Knee arthritis will make noises and continue to grind as a result of bone spurs and rough surfaces rubbing one another as you move your joints.

  3. Swelling or tenderness - Absolute Family Chiropractic in Vacaville explains how knee arthritis may cause periodic inflammation. It is because of the formation of bone spurs or having extra fluids in the knee. Swelling may be more pronounced if it becomes inactive for a long time just like when you've just woken up in the morning. The skin on your knee may appear reddish or feels warm to the touch. You are sure to experience a chronic knee inflammation that doesn't improve even when you're taking anti-inflammatory drugs or over-the-counter medications.

  4. Gradual increase in pain - Arthritis pain may occur right away, yet it will develop in a slow pace. You will first notice some pain in the morning or during when there's inactivity for quite some time. There will be some pain when you're doing even simple things like kneeling, standing up from a sitting position, or climbing the stairs. In fact, walking may even cause you some pain. Even sitting down may also cause you pain. Some people even say that slight changes in weather will make the pain come. If you've suddenly woken up from your sleep because of pain, then it may be a symptom of osteoarthritis.

  5. Loss of joint space - Knee x-rays can easily diagnose if there's been some loss of joint space that are causing sounds and a poor range of motion. This space used to occupy some cartilage but has now worn away and that an exposed bone has taken its place. Bone spurs are likely to develop on the joint's edges and is a result of the body attempting to repair itself. This symptom is very common if you have osteoarthritis.

  6. Poor range of motion - Arthritis will make gliding a challenging task for your knee joints thus making even the simplest of movements to be difficult or impossible to achieve. You will even feel that there's a restricted range of motion when you participate in athletic activities or climb up the stairs. Having osteoarthritis will wear away your cartilage. As your arthritis worsens, your joints will have a hard time functioning and you will find difficulties in performing your daily tasks. In time, you can barely even walk without your cane or walker.

  7. Deformities of the knee - As your arthritis progresses, you may notice that the appearance of your knees have slightly changed. Arthritis will make a sunken appearance as the surrounding muscles in your knees will start to grow thin and become weaker. Your knees will even start pointing toward each other or even bend outward. These knee deformities can transform from being barely noticeable to quite severe or debilitating.

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