Ketogenic Diet and Mesenchymal Signaling Cell Therapy

Ketogenic Diet and Mesenchymal Signaling Cell Therapy

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A ketogenic diet (keto diet) is a well-known diet program that incorporates the use of low-carb, high-fat intake meals. This is used by individuals who wants to lose or manage their weight.

The term "ketogenic" has its roots in "ketone" which means water-soluble molecules that can give you energy. Ketosis produces ketones wherein it's a state of the body that starts burning fat and not carbohydrates for fuel.

Different types of keto diet

If you want to start doing the keto diet, there are 4 main types for you to choose from. These are:

1. Standard - The standard keto is an offshoot that is based on the original Atkins plan. This keto's main goal is to limit the carb intake to a maximum of 50g per day, depending on the nutritional needs of the individual. The standard keto is the keto program that is popular among many individuals.

2. Restricted Keto - This is ideal for individuals who wants to get well or recover from a condition or deadly disease such as cancer.

The aim of this diet is to make the cancerous cells have a hard time to thrive with a combination of limited caloric intake.

Studies show that cancer cells can't absorb ketones, and they can die if they have nothing to eat.

The plan starts when a person goes on a 3-5 day fasting program where water is the only thing that they'll consume. After that, a low-calorie keto diet will follow. The main goal is to reduce blood sugar levels to 55-65 mgs (3.4 ounces per deciliter), and blood ketone levels of 4 millimolar.

3. Targeted Keto - This is the Atkin's diet most traditional form. Targeted keto is not focused on the intake, but the exercise levels that an individual does on a regular basis.

Individuals who are on the targeted keto diet are recommended to consume carbs 30 minutes before they endure an intense exercise regimen. Experts suggest consuming easily digestible carbs since they won't be heavy for the stomach or cause any upset as you do your physical activity.

It's also recommended that you only consider carbs that contains glucose instead of fructose-based ones. Your exercise can help the body burn glucose-based carbs more efficient, thus leaving no trace behind. This works best within the targeted keto structure since it won't affect the state of ketosis.

Your next meal after the exercise should consist of low-fat, high protein foods. The reason for this is that fat intake after a workout will affect muscle recovery and general nutrient absorption.

Just like the standard keto, the targeted keto should have a maximum of 50g of carbs each day, or lower depending on your nutritional needs.

4. Cyclic Keto - This keto diet is somewhat similar to targeted wherein it is ideal when you'll be enduring a very rigorous workout program. Bodybuilders, athletes, and competitive amateurs sometimes adopt cyclic keto when they're building up lean muscle and burn off any unwanted fat.

The word "cyclic" means alternating between the standard keto and consuming large amounts of carbohydrates. There will be times when you should go on a 'carb loading' mode, which can last somewhere around 24-48 hours per instance. The fat intake during this period is anywhere between 450-600g.

After that, the carb intake is reduced to a maximum of 50g.

Keto and other health conditions

A restricted keto diet won't only eliminate cancer cells, but it can also work in treating other kinds of diseases. Among others, keto diets can reverse kidney damage that is linked to type 1 and type 2 diabetes, control children's epileptic seizures, and heal patients who are suffering from Parkinson's disease and traumatic brain injury.

Keto diet and mesenchymal signaling cell therapy

Mesenchymal signaling cell therapy is a breakthrough regenerative treatment that uses the mesenchymal signaling cells of a patient to heal, repair, and regenerate damaged tissues caused by an illness or injury. The best part is that it is non-invasive, but it can deliver outstanding results.

Mesenchymal signaling cells and keto diet are a perfect combination. For instance, doctors can let diabetic patients adopt a keto diet to decrease the glucose levels and keep the blood sugar levels in check.

A keto diet combined with mesenchymal signaling cell therapy can result in a synergistic effect. Patients with a kidney disease but in a state of ketosis can enhance the healing effect of mesenchymal signaling cells by blocking glucose metabolization and make the healthy kidney cells replace the damaged ones. It can even turn off harmful genes that express kidney failure.

So, do you plan on adopting the keto diet for your weight loss goals or treat an illness? Let Absolute Family Chiropractic take care of it so that they can create the ideal regimen for you. Just contact us at (707) 474-5688 to get more information about this and for you to get started right away.

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