2 Exercises To Improve Your Lower Back

Your lower back has incredible strength and flexibility but despite that power, it's still susceptible to developing several problems. There are many nerves that run through the spine and the rest of your body which could make a simple lower back problem be the cause of your hip problems, leg pain, and many more. Learn these helpful tips to overcome back pain in Vacaville.

Vacaville Chiropractor Explains Why your the lower back easily injured

When lifting a heavy object, twisting, or doing sudden movements, the lower back can become injured. These actions can cause the ligaments or muscles to develop microscopic tears. As time goes on, this repetitive stress or poor posture can be the cause of your muscle strain or soft tissue problems. A simple muscle strain may not sound alarming at all but if it happens to your lower back, it can become a severe one.

The lumbar spine contains 5 motion segments. Majority of the bending and twisting is divided among those segments yet most of the motion happens in the lowest 2 segments which are L4-L5 and L5-S1. These 2 lowest segments have structures that are the most prone to wear and tear or injury.

How to prevent lower back pain

  1. Correct your posture - If you're always in a poor posture, it can inflict pressure on your back which could make your degenerated discs even more painful. For you to maintain the natural curve in your spine, make sure to use an ergonomic chair and set a reminder to always check on your posture as you work through the day. You should also get up from your chair and walk around once every hour especially if you've just been sitting through the entirety of your shift. If possible, try using a standup desk at some point during the day.
  2. Become a savvy athlete - Even if you're fit and athletic in nature, there's still a possibility that you can injury your lower back especially if you've done a wrong move. It's crucial that you understand the potential lower-back pitfalls that's involved in your favorite sport. Whatever the case is, always practice with caution and never push your lower back beyond its limits.
  3. Do some core exercises - Having strong core muscles is essential in providing support for the lower back and in preventing injuries. You should do low-impact cardiovascular exercises so that you can increase blood flow to the spine and provide hydration and healing nutrients to the structures in your lower back. If ever you are unable to do exercises, try setting up small goals to get yourself moving. You can start with something simple like going up and down the stairs, sitting on an exercise ball, or just simply walking with a friend. These small steps that you're taking will still lead to the strengthening of your core.
  4. Lift heavy objects correctly - Even if you're still in your youth and you've got a lot of strength in you, an injury to your lower back caused by incorrectly lifting a heavy object is still a possible scenario. There are proper ways to lift heavy objects that won't put a strain on your lower back. The best advice for this one is to always lift with your legs instead of putting all the efforts into your back. This will take away any pressure off your back thus preventing the possibility of an injury in the process.
  5. Stretch your hamstrings - If you have tight hamstrings, it's possible that it can be the cause of your low back pain. By doing simple hamstring stretching exercises, you can reduce the pressure on your pelvis and provide relief all over your lower back. However, not all hamstring stretching exercises are ideal for all sorts of back conditions. Just make sure to check in with your doctor or physical therapist first to find out which one suits you best.
  6. Make some improvements to your overall physical health - The spine is an indicator of your overall health. Anything that you do that benefits your general health and overall physical fitness can also be good for your lumbar spine. So make sure to find whatever method you can that is beneficial for your health to also provide a better condition for your spine.
  7. Be mindful when you travel - If you're travelling on a plane, it will always take a toll on your back especially if you're on long flights. As for driving, become a defensive driver if you must. Being involved in a car accident can cause a serious back injury which is why you need to always be in alert. So improve your skills on being a defensive driver so that you'll always know how to get out of a bad situation when on the road.

So if you don't want to suffer badly from your lower back pain in Vacaville, make sure to keep these tips by Absolute Family Chiropractic in check because they can be your ticket out of the situation. Just remember that your lower back is a necessity for your everyday task so always invest on its health and safety.

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