Why Top Vacaville Chiropractor Alex Tam Says to Always Drink Lemon water

Why Top Vacaville Chiropractor Alex Tam Says to Always Drink Lemon water

Lemon is such a popular fruit and it is known to be a dieter's best friend. The refreshing flavor and scent make it a staple ingredient in many recipes and perfumes. It is also commonly used in different types of drinks such as teas, juices, and cocktails.

Apart from the flavor, lemon is also known for its medicinal properties. It is a rich source of vitamin C and it provides immense health benefits ranging from antibacterial to antiviral properties which are essential in boosting the immune system.

To reap the health benefits of lemon, juicing it is by far the best method available. It will help act as a detoxifying agent that will clean the liver thus allowing better digestive health. This is the reason why lemon-flavored water is a healthy option and a great substitute to your morning glass of orange juice. Not only will you be reaping its many health benefits, but it will also aide you in your weight loss journey.

To help you be more eager to start your morning lemon-flavored water routine, here are its many health benefits that you need to know.

Vacaville Chiropractor Explains the Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

  1. You will remain hydrated - To be clear, the lemon properties aren't the one that keeps you hydrated but it's due to the flavor of the water that will entice you to keep on drinking more. Fluids are supposed to keep you hydrated but people ignore it and simply can't keep up with the needed amount each day because of how boring and flavorless water is. By adding lemon to water, it becomes more refreshing and appealing, yet the enhancement of the flavor doesn't compromise the properties. This simply makes drinking water more fun and exciting than it used to.

  2. It can provide you with a vitamin C boost - Citrus in general is a good source of vitamin C. A ¼ cup of lemon juice contains 23.6mg of vitamin C which equals to about a third of the needed daily supplement for both men and women. Vitamin C is known to be a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells against free radicals. Also, top Vacaville chiropractor explains how it can help prevent scurvy which is a disease of weakened connective tissues that can cause bleeding gums. If these connective tissues are damaged or broken, then it can affect healing of the wounds.

  3. It can prevent you from getting sick - As it was mentioned, lemon can help boost the immune system because of it being a good source of vitamin C. This means that your chances of getting an infection is very slim. Lemon can deliver an acidic environment for the stomach thus providing a barrier that deters pathogens from taking over and causing illness. Also, the chemicals found in lemon called phytonutrients has antioxidant properties which is helpful in protecting the body from certain diseases.

  4. It can help with your digestion - The acid in lemon is helpful in digesting food. Citrus flavonoids help the acid in the stomach burn food faster thus equaling to a healthy digestion. This effect is made even more effective when warm water is used as it can deliver the greatest digestive benefits. Also, try adding some lemon slices to your lemon-flavored water to receive the benefits of pectin which is a fiber that resides on the peel and pulp of the fruit.

  5. It will help you in losing weight - There's no doubt that lemon water is a dieter's best friend. Lemon contains polyphenols which can help reduce one's appetite. Lemon water is ideally consumed right before a meal to help fill the stomach and lessen the amount of foods needed for you to be satisfied. This is best for breakfast since it is the meal where you feel hungry the most due to the fasting overnight.

  6. You will look and feel younger - Another great benefit of vitamin C in lemon is that it helps nourish your skin. Those who drink lemon-flavored water has lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fights off the free-radical damage on their skin. Also, getting constantly hydrated by water ensures that the skin retains a more youthful appearance.

  7. It increases your levels of potassium - When it comes to potassium, we normally associate it with bananas but as it turns out, lemon contains those properties as well. In fact, potassium can be found in all sorts of fruits and vegetables. This vitamin is important for metabolism and cell function as well as the transmission of nerve signals. There's no doubt that you feel refreshed on the inside after a drink of lemon-flavored water.

  8. It can prevent kidney stones - Kidney stones are a result of dehydration. Since lemon-flavored water is a refreshing drink, you will drink more and more of it which will eventually flush out those painful deposits from your kidneys. Another way that kidney stones are formed is through the precipitation of calcium salts. But since lemon promotes acidification of the watery environment, precipitation is unlikely to occur which will also prevent the formation of these stones. So continue drinking more of this stuff to ensure the safety and good health of your kidneys.

  9. It can boost your metabolism - Another great benefit of drinking lemon-flavored water in the morning is that it can be good for your metabolism. This means that you will maintain a healthy weight and always be active. According to a study, maintaining hydration in your body is a great booster for your metabolism so make sure to always drink at least 3 cups of water each day. This habit also makes you feel fuller thus causing you to only eat less. So get your lemon-flavored water always ready at your fridge and treat yourself to a refreshing drink.

  10. You will have fresher breath - Have a fresh and fragrant mouth is part of a good personal hygiene. Citrus found in lemon-flavored water will help prevent the development of odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. This could help you have fresher breath all day long. However, since lemon juice is acidic, it can erode your teeth's enamel over time. If you can, try drinking your lemon-flavored water through a straw so that your teeth will barely be exposed to it.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, these great benefits in drinking lemon-flavored water is enough to make you be convinced into starting it. This will simply make your daily water consumption much more fun and refreshing than it used to. Over time, you will see yourself reaping its benefits and drinking water won't ever be the same again. Trust me, preparing it is really worth your time.

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