How Does Chiropractic in Vacaville Treat Migraines

How Does Chiropractic in
Vacaville Treat Migraines

In the US, an estimated 38 million are getting affected by migraine and this number includes children as well. Migraine has even ranked 3rd place for being one of the most prevalent illnesses from all over the world and 6th place among disabling illnesses. 90% of individuals who suffer from migraine may also find themselves unable to work or function properly during the attack.

Having a migraine attack can be debilitating and even painful. It can even be hard to put a stop to it once it starts. The only way to treat migraines is to prevent them from happening in the first place. There are several methods that does the trick on this, but chiropractic is a well-known preventative measure that a lot of people have found helpful in getting rid of their migraine forever.

So if a migraine has been causing you problems all your life, then read this information on why chiropractic in Vacaville at Absolute Family Chiropractic is the best treatment you'll probably ever get.

Migraine symptoms

A severe headache is the first indication that most people will experience before their migraine attack. But despite that, there are other accompanying symptoms as well which includes:

  • Pulsing or throbbing pain
  • Pain on one or two sides of the head
  • Lightheadedness and possibly fainting
  • Blurred vision or other visual disturbances
  • Photophobia
  • Hypersensitivity in the senses
  • Loss of motor function or in some rare cases, partial paralysis

There are also some migraine victims who experience auras before an attack which normally lasts between 20 to 60 minutes. This moment will provide the patient some time to do preventative measures to stop the attack or lessen its intensity. But despite that, it's still ideal that you do certain activities to prevent migraines from happening in the first place.

Migraine Causes

There's no telling the exact causes of migraines but there are known triggers that can stimulate the attack. These migraine triggers may include:

  • Foods - Any kind of foods that are processed, salty, aged, as well as cheeses, and chocolates.
  • Beverages - Coffee or any type of caffeinated drink and alcohol can easily trigger it.
  • Stress - It can arise from either at home or at work. This also includes illnesses that stresses out your body.
  • Medication - It can happen when you're taking vasodilators and oral contraceptives.
  • Hormonal Changes - This can happen mostly to women especially during menopause, menstruation, and pregnancy.
  • Food Additives - Foods that contain MSG, aspartame, and certain types of dyes.
  • Sleep Problems - It can happen when you've had either too much or lesser sleep.
  • Physical Exertion - When you're doing intense exercises or other forms of physical exertion.
  • Sensory Stimuli - Bright lights and sun glare as well as strong scents such as perfume, secondhand smoke, and certain tactile stimulation.
  • Skipping Meals
  • Jet Lag
  • Weather Changes
  • Change in Barometric Pressure

There is also a research which shows that the serotonin component might be involved. This is because serotonin levels drop particularly during a migraine attack. Serotonin is essential in the regulation of pain in the nervous system.

Treatments for migraines in Vacaville CA

The treatments for migraine are classified in two ways: abortive or preventative. Abortive medications focus on treating symptoms, mostly on pain relief. They are normally taken once during a migraine attack and they work effectively in putting a stop to it. Preventative medications are those that are taken regularly in order to lessen the severity of attacks and the frequency of migraines. However, both of these medications are only taken under prescription and most of them can give you unpleasant side effects.

If you've consulted with a migraine specialist, they'd normally suggest medications as well as other form of treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, herbal remedies, massage therapy, and even some lifestyle changes. You can also get some adequate sleep, do relaxation exercises, and pursue dietary changes to further lessen the frequency of your migraine attacks.

Chiropractic for migraines

There are a variety of techniques that chiropractors will use to treat migraines. Spinal manipulation is one of them and this technique focuses on the cervical spine. This brings balance to the body and through that, pain is relieved and could even prevent future migraines from happening. In addition to the treatment, they would also recommend that you take vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements. They would also advise you to make lifestyle changes especially those that involves the elimination of triggers.

A migraine study has shown that 72% of the sufferers have actually benefited from chiropractic treatment whether it may be a substantial or noticeable improvement. This goes to show that chiropractic is an effective treatment not only for relieving pains but also for preventing migraines.

So if you're a victim of migraine attacks, you'd better take these preventative steps into consideration. Chiropractic therapy in Vacaville can be a big help so make sure to find a chiropractor near you to help you with it.

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