How To Show Respect When Visiting Buddhist Temples

How To Show Respect When
Visiting Buddhist Temples

When you're going on a tour in Asia, your itinerary won't be complete without a visit to a temple. These wonderfully designed temples can be found in places such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

You should know that temples are sacred, therefore, there are rules that you need to follow to show your respect. Of course, temples are a tourist destination which means that people from all over the world comes to visit them. However, there are tourists who are unaware of some basic rules thus making them become disrespectful to the sacred place.

So if you plan on visiting a temple during your Asian tour, make sure to consider these rules first to avoid being disrespectful.

Rules When Showing Respect to Buddhist Temples

  1. Dress Code - Every temple implements a dress code before you can enter. A good rule of thumb is to dress up that covers most areas of your body. Avoid wearing shorts, tank tops, or dresses that are above the knees. Upon entering any building on the temple grounds, you must remove your hats and shoes. The reason why you need to do this is because in the Buddhist religion, modesty reigns king. If ever you forget to abide to this rule, temples will provide a cover up, but you need to pay for a small fee at the door.

  2. Cell Phones and Cameras - Even though there are no rules regarding taking pictures inside of these amazing temples, you should at least follow some basic etiquette so that you won't offend the people who use this sacred place for their worship. Just try to avoid using flash photography when you're inside the temple as this can be distracting for those who are trying to worship or pray. This is just to ensure that you're not disturbing anyone in there. If you see some people praying, don't take pictures of them if possible because it can be rude or disrespectful. However, it's okay to do whatever you want with your cell phone and/or camera when you're outside of the temple building because this seems more appropriate.

  3. Mind Your Voice - You should know that temples are primarily a place of worship and not purposely built as a tourist attraction. Be respectful to others and minimize your conversations when you're inside if possible. Use only your eyes and ears when strolling inside the temple to avoid causing a ruckus to those around you.

  4. Always Respect Buddha - There will always be statues and shrines of Buddha scattered all over the temple. If you see one, don't make an attempt to climb, sit, and take "funny pictures" with them. Just simply show your respect. Imagine what it feels like if some tourists would also do the same to the statue or shrine of your god as well.

  5. No Smoking - You must understand that smoking is considered a dirty act and temples are meant to be a place for peace and serenity. Make sure to fight the urge to smoke and only do it after your tour or perhaps do it before you enter the proximity of the temple grounds. Temples imply a strict rule on this one and may even charge a fine for offenders of this rule.

  6. Respect the Monks - Monks can be found praying or meditating inside the temple so when you see them doing this, don't take their pictures. They haven't given you the authority to do so which means that you must respect their privacy. Also, when you're seated as a monk passes by you, make sure to stand up to show your respect to them. There are also rules that are different for men and women particularly on interacting with monks. You may come across temples where they don't allow women so be mindful of that. There are also instances where women aren't allowed to have physical contact with monks. You don't have to totally agree to this rule but if it's implemented, just follow it to show that you're a respectful traveler.

  7. Donate - There are times that temples may ask for donations from tourists. You should know that these temples maintain their beauty because of the support of its worshippers and the tourists. This is one of the reasons why they allow tourists to enter in the first place. You should find some metal boxes scattered all throughout the temple grounds so try donating on them and give a little extra if need be. Apart from supporting the temple, the money collected in these donation boxes also goes to the monks as well as for funds for any events of the temple. So be generous whenever you're visiting a temple.

Well, hopefully these tips are going to help you out the next time you plan on visiting a temple during your Asian tour. They will certainly help you be more respectful and become a tourist who will always feel welcome on these sacred places.

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