Benefits of Stretching Your Lower Body

Do you do some stretches before you exercise? Stretching is a great routine for your exercise and it could provide you with various benefits. There are ways on how you can maximize your stretch so that you can utilize your movements to its full range of motion.

Stretching is a way of lengthening your muscles so that you will have an increase in muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. This is an important part of any exercise or rehabilitation program. It will warm up your body before the activity which will lessen your risk of getting an injury or experiencing muscle soreness.

There are lots of benefits that stretching can provide and it has been proven in several studies already. These benefits are experienced by people of all ages wherein it is intended for the young and even the elderly. So check out some of the top benefits by Vacaville Chiropractor Alex Tam that stretching can do to your body.

Lower Body Stretches by Vacaville Chiropractor

  1. You can easily move with less pain - If you are starting to experience creaky joints and stiff muscles then regular stretching can help relieve it. You should do the stretches the right way and avoid the stretch and hold technique to avoid straining on those areas. You should focus on mobility by performing exercises that increases your range of motion and soft tissue work with the help of foam rollers. Range-of-motion exercises include knee lifts, shoulder shrugs, and wrist bends to name a few. These stretching exercises will make your joints and muscles move through their full range of motion.

  2. You are less likely to trip and fall - There was a study that was conducted on college students to find out if stretching could help maintain their balance on a contraption known as stabilometer. Students who stretched for 30 minutes before the said activity were able to balance longer compared to those who did nothing prior. Researchers believed that stretching would improve fine-muscle coordination which means that those who stretched first may have avoided a tumble by making some minor balancing adjustments.

  3. You will have a lesser risk for injury - By adding stretching exercises to your warm-up will prepare your body for the workout and switch your brain into "workout mode." Stretching wouldn't prevent total injury but it could be useful from a mindset perspective. It will make you more focused so that you won't make a misstep during your workout routine. If you want, do some yoga poses so that you won't be having back pains and also prevent muscle stiffness.

  4. It will help lower your blood sugar - Exercises can help keep your glucose levels in check but stretching can already do that for you as well. In a 2011 study, adults who are suffering from type 2 diabetes or were prediabetic have found out that a 40-minute stretch after drinking a sugary beverage have lesser blood sugar levels than those who did not. In short, doing stretching routines before the actual workout will maximize the benefit on your blood sugar level.

  5. You'll sweat more during your exercise - Whether you're a runner or a lifter, you should do some stretching before and after your routine. Most people who are into fitness would normally set aside flexibility training but what they don't know is that it can actually provide them with a better range of motion and mobility. If you have a better range of motion, you will be able to lunge lower and jump higher which could result in effective workouts. Keep in mind that before a workout, dynamic stretching is recommended since it will increase your body temperature and joint flexibility while a static stretch should be done after a workout since it can help cool you down.

  6. You'll be bright eyed even at 3PM - If you feel like you're already drained out by mid-afternoon, a stretch break will invigorate you faster compared to your 2nd cup of coffee for the day. A few minutes of stretching exercises will increase blood flow throughout your body including your brain. This will wake you up and you will feel less sluggish thus making you ready to take on the remaining tasks for the day.

  7. You'll be less stressful - Stress can be no good especially if you still have lots of things to do. However, stretching can actually handle the tension both physically and mentally. It relieves your tight muscles while also making you feel more relaxed. Just remember not to overdo it especially if you're having a hard time. You should be more relaxed after a stretch but if you're only getting pain, then you're definitely doing it wrong.

With that, we hope that you have a clear understanding of the importance of stretching exercises. You will surely experience the difference that it can do to your mobility and performance.

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